Conditions of Hire

The Hirer Must Ensure:

The Castle is to be operated by (but not limited to) the following rules:

  1. Castles need to be supervised at all times by a person over 18 years of age. Bellyflops is not responsible for the supervision of this booking.
  2. No one is to be on the castle when it is being inflated or deflated.
  3. The castle must NEVER be turned off when it's occupied. In the event of power failure, all users must leave the castle immediately.
  4. No food, drinks, shoes, jewellery or sharp objects to be used on the castle.
  5. In the event of heavy rain, it is strongly recommended that the castle is switched off for safety reasons.
  6. The castle must be deflated in winds exceeding 40km/hr - your judgement should be used at all times.
  7. Organize similar age groups to jump at the same time.
  8. Maximum 8 users on the Medium castles & up to 12 on the Large castles at one time.
  9. No animals on the castles.
  10. Do not allow the children to bounce on the front safety step.
  11. Users should be fully clothed to avoid friction burns.
  12. Users are not to climb, hang or sit on the walls.
  13. Ensure ropes are secure at all times.
  14. Keep children away from the blower unit